The Best Crossbow Scope on the Market 2019

The accuracy of your crossbow shot is highly dependent on how well you can see your target. Without a clear view, your shot will fall short in more ways than one. If you’re looking to have a leg up on your game, investing in a high quality crossbow scope may just be your answer to the perfect on target shot.

To help narrow down your selections, we’ve put together a clear comparison between the top 10 crossbow scopes on the market for 2018, followed by bite size reviews of each of the scopes so you can have an inside look on their most praised features along with their pitfalls.

To wrap up, we’ve included a simple buyers guide and in addition some helpful terms, in our FAQ, regarding scopes you’ll want to become familiar with before you start comparing the options for yourself.

Top 10 Best Crossbow Scopes – Breakdown of Core Features

Model Magnification Size Weight Dimensions Features
UTG 4X32 1″ Crossbow Scope

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4x 32 1.6lbs 9.9″ x 3.6″ x 2.9″ Broadband Lens Coating, Pro 5-step Reticle, RGB Side Wheel Illumination, Zero Reset/Locking W/E Knobs, Flip-open Lens Caps and UTG RQ2W1104 QD Rings.
TRUGLO Crossbow Scope 4×32 IR

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4x 32 1.4lbs 11.8″ x 10.2″ x 1.5″ Dual color Illuminated Reticle, IR with rings, one-piece tube, non-reflective matte finish.
Sightmark Core SX Scope

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1.5x – 4.5x 32 1.6lbs 13″ x 4″ x 3″ Illuminated VXR-M Reticle, speed settings, fixed parallax.
Excalibur Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope

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2.5x – 6x 32 1.1lbs 13″ x 3″ x 3″ Illuminated Multi X Etched Tact-Zone Reticle, 30mm tube, CR-2032 cell battery, nitrogen charge barrel (prevents fogging).
Barnett Crossbow Scope

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4x 32 0.8lbs 8″ x 2″ x 2″ 0.875-inch dovetail mounting ring, 5 point programmed multi reticle crosshair system.
Nikon 8461 Bolt XR Crossbow Scope

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3x 32 1.2lbs 12″ x 3.8″ x 2.8″ BDC 60 Reticle with rings, Parallax-Free at 20 yards, Large Ocular with Quick Focus Eye piece, 3.4 inches of eye relief, zero-reset turrets.
Hawke Crossbow 1.5-5X32 IR SR Scope with Illuminated Circles

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1.5x – 5x 32 0.6lbs 8″ x 2″ x 2″ IS SR Scope, illuminated, 1” optics, wide angle, Flip-up lens covers, ballistic calculator, 4” eye relief, 6-12” brackets.
TenPoint 3x Multi-Line Crossbow Scope

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3x 32 0.9lbs 10.5″ x 3.4″ x 3″ Calibrated for 330ft, Duplex crosshairs calibrated for 20, 30, and 40 yards.
Excalibur Twilight Dlx

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6x 44 1.5lbs 25″ x 13″ x 3″ Adjustable multiplex cross hair system, dual red/green color illuminated reticle.
Sightmark Photon XT

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4.6x 42 1.4lbs 15.7″ x 2.9″ x 3.1″ 2 crossbow reticles (for 320, 350, 370 and 400 fps crossbows), two Duplex reticles (hog and varmint hunting) a Mil-Dot reticle (rangefinding and holdovers) and German-style reticle.

How do I know which crossbow scope is best to buy?
Many hunters say that their crossbow is only as good as the scope that is attached to it. The scope allows you to increase the accuracy of your shot by providing you with a larger sight area, letting you adjust the arc and helping you focus your aim. You will typically find two types of scopes on the market; a red dot scope and an optical scope.

The first mentioned, is quite a bit smaller than an optical scope and works by transmitting a light reticle into the scope. Although a red dot scope does not have magnification capabilities, the reticle makes it easier to see and thus will help you zone in on your pray. Besides the lack of magnification, the main downside to this scope is that it does require a battery.

Normally found on hunting rifles, optical scopes work great for providing clarify over long distances as well as offers exceptional magnification. Make sure you purchase a crossbow scope and not a rifle scope as rifle scopes do not have multiple reticles and thus cannot track the distance of an arrow.

Best Crossbow Scope for the Money

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, the UTG 4X32 1″ Crossbow Scope, offers incredible balance between value and performance, providing you with the most features for the best price. With a wide parallax and multiple reticles, you have the option of switching between each for lighted illumination from 10 yards up to 50 yards. The reticles help make it easier to adjust your aim, and the crisp sight picture allows you a precise shot with perfect accuracy. Take a look below to find out more great features of the UTG crossbow scope.

The Top 10 Best Crossbow Scope Reviews 2018

The top 10 scopes that appear in the list to follow are not placed in any given order. All of the scopes listed have a set of unique features and although they may seem quite a bit different they do all have a few important things in common; consistency in quality, durability, and superior performance, all backed by numerous customer reviews. We’ve saved you the painstaking task of weeding through review after review and have gathered the most valuable information to help you better compare the best scopes on the market today.

UTG Crossbow Scope


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With a fixed magnification of 4X and the 32mm objective lens, you’ll be guaranteed a clarity and resolution that is unmatched to most crossbow scopes on the market today. What’s great about this crossbow scope is that thanks to the 5-step illuminated green/red reticle, the scope is perfect for various models of crossbows. Lastly, with the side wheel dual illumination you are able to adjust the scope to accommodate, if you find yourself in low light conditions.

  •  Comes with an integrated sunshade (perfect for removing any glare).
  •  Perfect illumination.
  •  Coating on the broadband lens.
  •  TS platform.
  •  Quality has been questioned by some reviewers however for the price, the durability and included features, still make this a top model!

TRUGLO Crossbow Scope 

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If special range finding capabilities are an essential for you then the TRUGLO crossbow scope will not disappoint. The lightweight and compact design, along with the spot on accuracy of this scope whether you’re using it at sunset or sunrise, all make it one of the best crossbow scopes on the market today.You can easily adjust the brightness on the red and green illumination of the optics, allowing you a clearer view of your target for maximum or minimum brightness. The TRUGLO Scope is nitrogen gas filled (dual color illuminated reticle), has a 4” eye relief and rubber eye-guard, and durable leaf spring for making accurate adjustments for windage and elevation. As field of view is extremely important, you’ll be happy knowing that you’ll have a roughly 24′ field of view at 100 yards.
  •  Scratch resistant.
  •  Durable.
  •  Waterproof: Thanks to the full coated lenses.
  •  Fog-proof.
  •  Doesn’t fit all Crossbow mounts due to the ring size!

Sightmark Core SX

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Great for use when hunting mid sized game such as mule deer, the powerful magnification and range finding capabilities on the Sightmark Core SX allow for precision aiming and exceptional accuracy. With a 11 setting red/black VXR-M reticle, this is a crossbow scope that easily adapts to a wide variety of environments meaning that no matter which one you find yourself in, your shot won’t be sacrificed. Magnification on this bad boy is 1.5-4.5 with a 32 mm objective lens.
  •  Fully multi-coated optics.
  •  Low-profile capped turrets.
  •  Waterproof dependability.
  •  Some users have commented on a flaw in the scopes illumination while in low light.

Excalibur Tact-Zone

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Introducing a lightweight, tactical scope that is loaded with features and excels over the competition when it comes to low light conditions as well as for shots on a moving target! For clear and crisp visibility just as good on a moonlit night as during the day, the reticle on the Excalibur Tact-Zone compensates greatly to ensure the image is perfectly clear. The approximate field of view is 45 feet on a magnification of 2.5X and 20 feet at the highest magnification of 6X. Added bonus is its 5 illumination settings and the inclusion of a compensation market. Aircraft grade aluminum construction guarantees maximum durability.

  •  Waterproof/Fog-proof/Shockproof.
  •  Exceptional clarity: Thanks to the multi coated lenses and red/green rheostat illumination.
  •  Easy to mount.
  •  Scratch resistant.
  •  Adjustable in 20 yard increments.
  •  Rings not included.

Barnett Crossbow Scope

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Compatible with a variety of crossbows, the Barnett 4X magnification, 32-millimeter scope is five-point programmed with a multi-reticles crosshair system. Great for rapid target acquisition, this scope also offers an incredible field of view without sacrificing on image quality or resolution.

  •  The confidence of a lifetime warranty offering you protection against defects in materials and workmanship during manufacturing.
  •  Water-resistant/shockproof.
  •  Long range clarity.
  •  In cold temperatures, the scope easily fogs making it very difficult to use.
  •  Included rings are not of high quality.

Nikon 8461 Bolt XR

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Rated high in crossbow scope reviews for its durability, price point, and lightweight compact design; the Nikon Bold XR can fit most crossbows on the market. You’ll be able to make adjustments with the parallax setting at 20 yds and line up your shot effortlessly to shoot without struggle. For an even better aim the quick focus eyepiece and 3.4 inch eye relief will help you catch sight of those on the move targets.

  •  Perfect clarity in low light environments thanks to the scope being able to relay up to 92 percent of available light.
  •  Waterproof/Fog-proof/Shockproof.
  •  Full multi-coated lens with anti reflection.
  •  No illumination in the reticle.
  •  Uses dots rather than lines; without illumination it is difficult to see.

Hawke Crossbow Scope

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This 1.5X 32 IR SR high performance crossbow scope does everything it promises and then some! The ballistic reticle has been designed and engineered to allow for precision aim while the double coloured red/green illumination allows for maximum reticle visibility. Moreover, this Hawke crossbow scope has a field of view from 22ft to 75 yds, includes a sophisticated speed selector which ranges from 275 fps to 426 fps and it is build to withstand just about any kind of conditions.

  •  Multi-coated optics.
  •  Easy to sight.
  •  Ballistic reticles.
  •  Low magnification.
  •  Quite expensive.

TenPoint Multi-line Crossbow Scope

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Although this multi-line scope has been around for longer than most in our list, it can still stand up to the competition. The compact and lightweight scope has a 3x optic and three duplex crosshairs which have been calibrated from 20-40 yds. The scope is only 7” long, is calibrated for 330fps and is on point when it comes to accuracy and superior performance.

  •  Waterproof/fog-proof
  •  Compact & lightweight
  •  Non Illuminated

Excalibur Twilight Dix

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Featuring a crossbow speed selector, this scope with multirange reticle can be matched to any bow. Design features include 1″ optics, dual color (red/green), and a reticule that offers aim points every 10yd intervals from 20 all the way to 100yds. As the name states, this is a scope with the job of making the most out of every bit of light available and offering a clearer and crisp view so that you are easily able to identify your target. An added bonus of the Excalibur Twilight Dix is that it comes with the brand’s well known and trusted multiplex crosshairs system.

  •  Fully multi-coated optics: Great for high level of light transmission
  •  Large objective lens (44mm)
  •  Multi-coated lens (maximize clarity and brightness)
  •  High Price

Sightmark Photo XT

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You’ll have guaranteed precision with the digital windage and elevation system from of the Sightmark Photon XT. Great for day or night use, the digital reticle with high resolution display along with the built in 810nm LED IR illuminator and resistance to bright light exposure are only a few of the incredible features which make this product one of the best crossbow scopes on the market for 2018. This is definitely one of the most versatile scopes you can buy; it also features red/green/white digital reticle options to cover a wide variety of applications.

One of the most prized features on the Sightmark Photon XT scope is its ability to capture video with its video output recording feature.

  •  Shockproof/ Weatherproof
  •  33% longer battery life
  •  High magnification/ High resolution (640×480)
  •  30% lighter than other digital night vision riflescopes
  •  High price

Considerations Before Buying

Choosing the right scope will ensure that you’ll have the best aim on your target each and every time. There are many scopes to make your selection from however, if you stick to these basic considerations, your search for the best crossbow scope for you will be that much easier and hassle free. Before getting into the considerations, you must ask yourself what your budget is and what exactly you be using the scope for. If you can clearly answer these two questions then you’ll be right on your way to finding your perfect scope.


Scopes come in many sizes; determining what you plan to use it specifically for will help you figure out which size scope you require. A variable scope has additional components and thus is often heavier. If you do not require extra features then a simple scope with the right range with suit you just fine.


Good optics are essential so that no matter whether you’re hunting during the day or night, you’ll still be able to have an image clearly transmitted. Pick a multi-coated optic for low light conditions as they are known for having the best light transmission in low light situations. If you can choose an optic that is fog proof as well, it’s even better for you and will mean that in colder conditions you will still be able to see clearly through the scope.


A basic function of the scope and one of the most important considerations to make when comparing crossbow scopes. A higher magnification allows you to locate the animal more easily thus improving your aim to the target. Many scopes on the market today have a maximum magnification of roughly 32x.


In order to view objects without getting too close, you will need a scope with a good range. If you plan on hunting smaller game then you will probably be fine using a short or midrange scope. Variable scopes are also great for multi applications as they can be easily adjusted to the desired range.

Field of View

As a rule of thumb, when the magnification is higher, the field of view will be narrower. Essentially, the field of view of the scope enables the hunter to see the sight picture at a certain width.

Scope Mount

Without a mount for your scope, there is no way to attach it to your crossbow. Some crossbows are only able to mount a scope in a specific way which is why you’ll need to make sure you know this before going ahead and purchasing just any scope mount.

Eye Relief

Simply put, this is the space between your shooting eye and the eyepiece lens. The greater the space, the more protection you’ll have and less of a chance that an accident will occur.


Let’s Clear up Some Terms…

1. What is meant by the term Red-Dot Scope?

An illuminated scope with red dot that acts as the aiming reference point.

2. How would be the best way to explain Parallax?

Take a look at this video for a greater explanation that shows parallax in action.

3. In layman terms, what is a reticle?

Also referred to as crosshairs, a reticle is a thin metal wire of two intersection lines, one running vertically and the other horizontally. The reticles are found in the eyepiece of the scope. The most common reticle you’ll encounter is one that is etched or illuminate.


In Conclusion

Your crossbow is only as good as the scope you mount on it and we mean it! If you want to take your shots from on target to on point every single time, then choosing the right scope should be your priority. We’ve featured various scopes of all price ranges along with ones for varied applications and are confident that you’ve found one from our list that works for you. After budget, it’s important to keep in mind the buying considerations we set out above if you want to make sure you purchase the best scope for your hunting needs. Size, optics, magnification, range, field of view, scope mount, and eye relief are some of the most important considerations to make before you buy

If you’re shopping around for the best value scope on the market today, you’ll definitely be more than satisfied with the UTG 4X32 1″ Crossbow Scope, found at the top of our list. The lens on this scope offers amazingly bright images so that you can be sure what you’re shooting at in the distance. For those hunters who are looking for a little more and are willing to invest in a scope that will improve more than just your accuracy, then the Excalibur Twilight Dlx will not disappoint. In the end, when you’re finally ready to buy your scope, remember that you’ll want to have a clear idea of the environment you plan on using it in to better determine the best scope for you. If you compare side by side each scope and spend time looking at their winning features and flaws just as we’ve done here, there’s no way you won’t be leaving without one incredible scope!

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